New Gem Group was founded in 1990 and served our clients for all kind of property services in the Greater China region for nearly 30 years. With the great effort and innovation from the team members, together with the strong and sensitive market sense, as well as comprehensive customer services, New Gem Group was recognized as one of the best property services companies in the town. Our services core mission is based on “customer-oriented” and “honesty-oriented” to provide the best, reliable and professional services to our valuable clients with commendation. We will be serving you “harmonious, professional and innovative” in the future.

In 1995, we entered into contract with real estate developers in PRC for consultancy work up to over 10 projects. There is over 100 services contracts and more than 100 retail and food & beverage clients have been served by us. New Gem is currently having more than 400 direct employees made up from talented senior management to dedicated front-line staff.

新豪集團創辦於1990年, 為大中華區各地客戶提供各類物業服務邁向三十年, 經過多年不懈努力, 不斷的追求及創新, 敏銳的市場觸覺, 完善的客戶服務, 新豪集團已被市場評定為最佳物業服務公司之一, 多年來憑 “誠信第一, 以客為本” 的理念, 廣獲客戶的推崇和信賴, 並提供最優質, 貼身, 專業可靠之服務。本公司未來將以“和諧共融, 專業創新”的精神繼續為您服務。

新豪集團自1995年起已進軍中國大陸市場, 至今已服務各大房地產開發商超過十個項目。此外, 集團旗下公司現正營運超過100份服務合約及照顧逾百間著名零售及餐飲客戶, 為他們提供各式各樣的服務。新豪現正聘用前線至高級管理層逾四百人, 同事遍佈大中華地區服務各大企業。